About Java Creed

This blog aims to provide detailed articles and tutorials (in the form of videos) about various Java technologies and designs patterns. These articles and tutorials are written from a developer perspective and most of the articles include examples. The provided examples are not simple code fragments, but complete projects which everyone can freely download and analyse from Java Creed Git Hub profile.

The objective is to add new content on a weekly basis, but while I will do my very best, I cannot promise that. If you want me to write about some Java technology, please let me know by email at albert@javacreed.com or albertattard@gmail.com.

Why do I do all this?

I love Java and more than that, I love programming in general. I see programming as Lego with steroids. Thus anytime spent programming is fun. I love learning new things and sharing my experience with everyone. Writing articles for this blog provides me with a chance to investigate and get my hands dirty with technologies that I never used before or I just heard of. I read a lot and experiment a lot before writing an article and this takes time. But so far it is worth the effort.

How is this blog different from other Java/Tutorial websites?

The key thing that distinguishes this blog from websites and blogs about programming or Java technologies is that in this blog, the readers will learn the: “how to do it” and the “why to do it that way”. Without judging anyone (or any website or blog), some website or blogs show just how to do something by providing code examples, which is all good. This may not be enough for someone who is looking for an explanation together with an example. In this blog, I try to address both.

Most of the articles found in this blog come with complete projects hosted at a public GIT repository. Thus, the readers can download the code and try it out. Most projects are self-contained and come with Maven or Grade executables. Therefore, all that the reader needs doing is to clone the repository and run the respective command to get the project running. Setting something up, like a project, is not only time consuming but in many cases very error-prone. Having the environment incorrectly configured may yield surprises.

I encourage the readers to let me know what do they think about the article and I accept both positive and negative criticism as long as both are constructive.

Limitation of use

Everyone can use the contents of this blog and code examples, given that these are used for a good purpose and within the league bounds. With that said, any reproductions require a written authorisation. Furthermore, the site content and code examples come with no warranty and the users will use these at their own risk. In other words, one cannot come to me saying that he/her business went wrong because of something read here and ask for some sort of compensation. I make my best to correct any mistakes that there may be, but I cannot promise and timeframes in which these corrections will happen. Furthermore, all source code available in this website is licensed under the Apache 2 License License Page.