How to install Subversion (SVN) in Eclipse (or Spring Tool Suite)

Subclipse is an Eclipse Plugin for SVN developed by Tigris (Homepage). Tigris have moved their site to Git Hub as indicated on their website. Subclipse Wiki provides detailed information about the Subclipse Eclipse Plugin and all available versions. Note that different versions of the IDE may require a different version of the plugin.

SVN Plugin Releases

The latest plugin update paths are listed in the following table require Eclipse 4.2 or later.

IDE Update Link

These old releases only require Eclipse 3.2 or later.

SVN Update Link
SVN 1.9.x
SVN 1.8.x
SVN 1.7.x


Note that plugins installation requires the IDE to be restarted once the plugin is installed. Kindly make sure that you are in a position to restart the IDE before staring the plugin installation. Furthermore, the plugin is downloaded from the internet, thus the IDE needs to have access to the provided link.

New plugins can be installed by selecting the Install new Software… menu option under the Help menu.

Install new Software

Enter the plugin name and link

SVN Plugin -

Add Plugin

Then press the Add… button. A dialogue will appear showing the plugin name and link. These can be modified. Click the OK button. The IDE will retrieve the information from the provided link. Once the IDE retrieves the information, kindly select the items to be installed. Note that you do not have to install all items. With that said, the required items needs to be installed as other items depend on them. In the following example, I selected all items.

Select Items

Click the Next once ready. read through the license agreements and accept only if you agree. Before the installation starts, the IDE will show a security confirmation dialog.

Security Warning

This dialogue is shown as this plugin is not coming from secure sources. You need to click the Install anyway button in order install this plugin. Once installed, the IDE will show another dialogue confirming that the plugin is installed and the IDE needs to be restarted. Click the Restart Now button.